Thursday, 7 June 2012

REVIEW: Prometheus

Dir.: Ridley Scott
With: Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron

It took me several days after having watched the movie to make my mind up about it. At first, I was tempted to dismiss it completely as merely a paler and more expensive version of ‘Alien’. Then I had a nightmare involving an alabaster superhuman alien from the film and thought that, maybe, ‘Prometheus’ required a little more contemplation.

It was hard not to get excited about the film with all the promotional videos, TV spots and numerous ads that promised a brilliant cast and a return to form for Ridley Scott. So, I did have high expectations and was bitterly disappointed as a result. ‘Prometheus’ was marketed as a prequel to ‘Alien’, a variation on the same themes of survival, human nature and discovery. Thus, it was surprising to see that ‘Prometheus’ relied too much on certain plot developments and character aspects from its predecessor.  Like in ‘Alien’, the central character is a strong, intelligent woman, who ends up fighting extraterrestrials on her own while wearing white undies. Maybe if I saw Noomi Rapace without being aware of Sigourney Weaver’s performance, I would have been more thrilled, but come on – Noomi is no Sigourney.

My main criticism is that the film is literally all over the place – it starts off intriguingly but sags in the middle and trails off into unknown territories in the end. There is no sense of closure, too many plot holes and indistinct character development. The starship’s crew members are hardly given any definition and some of the characters are caricature-like, which is strange considering that the film seems to take itself rather seriously. The questions it asks about the origins of life and the point of it all are given vague, unsatisfying answers and it is hard to feel any sympathy for the scientists who mop about the ship half-heartedly.

Having said this, the film looks great, instead of the claustrophobic corridors from ‘Alien’ we have majestic otherworldly vistas which set the stage for a grand denouement (which never takes place really). Still, I can imagine that being an art director for ‘Prometheus’ must have been rather fun. As for the horror side of it - there were a couple of moments in the film that did make me jump or go ‘ew’, but, again, these thrills seemed unoriginal and contrived.

The highlight of the film was Michael Fassbender’s performance as David, an android, whose immaculate manners and Queen’s English lent both an icy impenetrableness and certain comic element to him. I particularly enjoyed the scenes with him going about his daily routine – doing his roots, learning languages and watching old movies – Peter O’Toole in ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ is his style icon (how funny is that).

I think the film does deserve to be watched in the cinema, if not for its visual effects, then for David the android, just do not expect a so-called ‘mindfuck’.

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