Friday, 13 May 2011

Best Dream Sequences in Films

We all have them, we all forget them, we are all haunted by them. The dream world appears to be a constant feature of modern cinema, it allows the director to tell a story from inside the character's mind, give the movie a bit of a flare and, sometimes, the dreamscapes in films are pure works of art. Here are some of my favourite ones.

Dir.: Alfred Hitchcock

Is Dr. Edwardes a psychopath? A murderer? Ingrid Bergman, the psychiatrist, will tell by analysing his dream, designed by Salvador Dali.

The Big Lebowski
Dir.: The Coen Brothers.

Who knew that bowling could be so sexual? I love the German nihilists/castrators at the end.

The Science of Sleep
Dir.: Michel Gondry.

This wonderful and bizarre film deals directly with sleep, and it is no wonder that this particular sequence became a bit of a classic.

American Beauty
Dir.: Sam Mendes.

Seeing RED.

Dir.: Terry Gilliam

If you have not seen this film, please do as soon as possible. It is magical and beautiful and I want to live in it. There are plenty of unexpected cameos from a range of actors.

Coffee and Cigarettes
Dir.: Jim Jarmusch.

The most unexpected pairing in a movie – the Wu Tang Clan and B.M.

Dir.: Alfred Hitchcock

Technicolor at its wildest.

Dir.: Samuel Armstrong, Neil Ferguson

I don’t know what the Disney artists took when they drew this sequence, but it is my favourite part of the movie by far.

And last, but not least, Inception by Christopher Nolan.

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