Friday, 25 February 2011

Hosting the Oscars

The whole Oscar hoopla is largely overrated. I think that the main reason it generates so much discussion is because the winners instantly become the most bankable actors, directors, writers etc. It is the equivalent of winning the lottery in filmmaking. The show itself drags on and on, there is too much cheese, people you don’t really care about and people who are present in the audience for no apparent reason (like J-Lo). By the time the winners list all their family, friends, dogs et al, an average viewer will be most likely snoring loudly in his or her pyjamas. So it is really down to the hosts to liven it up a little and give us something to talk about apart from the often-appalling frocks and the overlooked nominees. The record holder is, of course, Billy Crystal, who’s presented the show eight times.

Here is a list, in no particular order, of the best attempts, which were sometimes completely unintentional, to make the Oscars a little less drab and a little more show biz.

David Niven and the streaker. 46th Award Ceremony.

Hugh Jackman Opening Act. 81st Ceremony.

Billy Crystal Best Film Montage and Medley. 69th Award Ceremony

Billy Crystal Great Films Montage. 72nd Award Ceremony. (embedding disabled)

Will Ferrell and Jack Black, Comedians at the Oscars. 79th Ceremony.

So, Anthony Hopkins, you can laugh, but someday soon you’ll see – Helen Mirren and the Oscar will be coming home with meeee!

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